After a brief introduction, you can express your complaints and/or wishes. What aspects of your face bother you the most? What would you like to change about your face? Dr. Francis Wu examines your facial skin where you can comment in front of the mirror.

Dr. Francis Wu then identifies all complaints and/or desires. Using illustrations, he will discuss the anatomy of facial skin and explain the mechanisms of skin aging.

He will then give you a recommendation for treatment of the complaints or wishes. All possibilities, as well as all impossibilities, will be discussed with you. After all, you are entitled to good and honest advice! He will also discuss in detail possible side effects, contraindications and possible interactions with other medications you are taking. Finally, he will discuss with you what precautions you can take yourself to ensure the best possible treatment.

The aesthetic consultation lasts 15-20 minutes and is completely non-binding. After the first treatment, you will receive a medical passport, which will indicate exactly what kind of treatment you received. Each treatment is tracked in this. To get a good picture of your general health condition, Dr. Francis Wu will take things into account like:

  • Chronic diseases
  • Medication use such as for example (Sintrom, Ascal, NSAID) and dietary supplements
  • Allergies
  • Your previous experiences with injectable treatments and what the results, side effects or even complications have been
Informed consent

If there are no contraindications, an appointment will be made for you. For this, both the doctor and the client sign a treatment agreement. This so-called “informed consent” indicates that the client has been properly informed about the treatment, the expected results and any side effects, has been given sufficient time for reflection and has agreed to the price. This form is required by law for all non-emergency medical treatments.

Photographic report

Before each treatment, photographs are taken of the skin areas to be treated. These photos will be placed in your aesthetic file and will, of course, be treated with complete confidentiality. At each follow-up consultation, these photos are taken again to see if your needs have been met. Photographs may also be taken again several weeks after the treatment so that we can properly monitor and assess the results.

Complaint procedure

Shape aesthetics values the satisfaction of our clients. Should you not be satisfied despite our efforts, you can file a complaint. We always take your complaint seriously and make every effort to reach a solution.Describe exactly your complaint and what treatment you received and send an email to We will contact you as soon as possible. If you cannot reach an agreement with us, you can turn to an independent complaints committee.

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