2 Separate skin aging forms with consequences-how does that affect you?
Aging is a natural process that affects us all. It is interesting to know that there are different forms of skin aging, each with its ...
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Bakuchiol huidveroudering firming booster serum
Bakuchiol: An Effective Alternative To Retinol Without Irritation
Discover Bakuchiol: an effective alternative to vitamin A acid without irritation. Many people ask skin specialists about the best anti-wrinkle ingredient, and often the answer ...
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huid peelings glycolzuur salicylzuur TCA
Skin peels, different types and for which skin types suitable?
An excellent way to give your skin a renewed look is through skin peels. These treatments come in different varieties and can improve your skin’s ...
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How 5 different fruit acids work and which types are most suitable for your skin?
AHA and BHA fruit acids are widely used in skin care as chemical exfoliants. AHA stands for Alpha Hydroxy Acid and BHA stands for Beta ...
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co2 fraxel
How does a CO2 Fraxel laser work and what are the indications?
Natural aging, sun exposure, hormonal changes and acne are some of the factors that can damage and age the skin. Fortunately, there are several methods ...
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lente huidverzorging
Skin care in spring, is that different?
Spring, you already noticed. The days are getting longer, the crocuses are blooming and it’s getting a little warmer. Winter is coming to an end ...
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zonbeschadigde huid spotreducer niacinamide iconic elements
Foreign award for a Dutch dermatological product.
Iconic Elements skin care is a Dutch product, formulated by a dermatologist. In 2016, Iconic Elements received an award in Hong Kong. It’s for the ...
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aziatische huid
Asian skin – what are the skin differences?
You may not think so, but Asian skin is dark skin. The skin can be divided into different skin types. According to Fitzpatrick’s classification, there ...
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Lipoma, benign fatty tissue – what can you do about it?
Fat lump or lipoma are common, and the larger they are, the more unsightly. Dermatologist Dr. Francis Wu explains what they are and how to ...
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