aziatische huid
Asian skin – what are the skin differences?

You may not think so, but Asian skin is dark skin. The skin can be divided into different skin types. According to Fitzpatrick’s classification, there …

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Lipoma, benign fatty tissue – what can you do about it?

Fat lump or lipoma are common, and the larger they are, the more unsightly. Dermatologist Dr. Francis Wu explains what they are and how to …

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Xanthelasma Palpebrarum – yellow raised swelling around the eyes

Xanthelasmata palpebrarum are slightly raised tumors in the eyelid skin. Their conspicuous yellow color disturbs the appearance of patients. The term xanthelasma comes from the …

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Shipping Iconic Elements skincare products

Shipping costs the Netherlands and BelgiumWe ship orders above €20 within the Netherlands and to Belgium free of charge. For orders under €20 we charge …

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botuline toxine
Botulinum toxin injections treat skin diseases, for which indications?

Botulinum toxin is known to everyone as a cosmetic anti-wrinkle treatment. It is the most commonly performed cosmetic treatment worldwide for a disturbing frown or …

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natural uva filter porhyra umbilicalis
Natural UVA sunfilter – Porphyra Umbilicalis

Most of us are familiar with sushi, but chances are you’ve never heard of Porphyra Umbilicalis. Sushi is vinegared rice with meat, fish, or vegetables …

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cosmetische behandelingen
The reasons for cosmetic treatments – study

Minimally invasive cosmetic treatments are growing every year. Nowadays it is increasingly accepted. When you think of cosmetic procedures, think of injections such as botulinum …

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best holistic skincare line iconic elements 2022
Iconic Elements, best Holistic skincare 2022

EU Business News has appointed Iconic Elements ‘Best Holistic Skincare Line Netherlands’ of 2022. We are very proud and happy with this recognition. Holistic skincare …

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anti-aging huidveroudering
Anti-aging skin care, point of view from a dermatologist

When we think of anti-aging cream, we often associate it with beautiful, hydrated, supple and smooth skin after applying the cream. Sometimes expectations are so …

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