Iconic Elements, best Holistic skincare 2022

EU Business News has appointed Iconic Elements ‘Best Holistic Skincare Line Netherlands’ of 2022. We are very proud and happy with this recognition.

best holistic skincare line iconic elements

Holistic skincare line award

Why this Holistic Skincare line award? What we understand from EU Business News is that they looked at different points. They scored on the skincare brand story, our communication through the blogs and good dermatological ingredients in the skincare products.

From the start we have a clear vision for Iconic Elements skincare line. With a dermatological background and input from other skin experts, we have tried to keep the level high. The ‘wave’ line symbolizes the dermatological knowledge which is the basis for our skin care products.

holistic skincare line iconic elements

Iconic Elements bases ‘holistic’ skincare line on:

  • The choice of ingredients
  • Composition to a pH skin neutral product (more about skin acidity)
  • The use of airless dispensers
  • Dispensers are BPA free (more about BPA)
  • Vegan
  • Free of animal testing
  • Both people with dermatologically problematic skin and people who are critical of skin care products choose Iconic Elements
  • Ingredients are not at the top of dermatological allergy lists

More about our story

Beat the Microbead

In 2021 we have obtained Zero Plastic Inside certificate. You will receive this certificate if all products are Zero Plastic inside. According to an earlier report in the AD newspaper, nine of the ten most sold cosmetic products contain microplastics. These particles can unintentionally end up in the sewer and are not completely filtered out by water treatment plants. Ultimately, the microbeads end up in rivers, seas and oceans. From small to large sea creatures: they all ingest particles through their food and the amount continues to accumulate. The microbeads from cosmetic products end up on your plate via a detour.

Flashback 2016

In 2016 we had won another beauty award for Iconic Elements Spotreducer cream. Received this award based on its unique composition and effectiveness. The combination of Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) with Ectoine worked also well for Asians. Asian skin is more easily irritated compared to white or dark skin. They are also more likely to suffer from unwanted skin pigment spots as a result of irritated skin or ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

award spotreducer iconic elements holistic skincare dermatologist

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